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Africa needs sustainable projects that create entrepreneurial and employment opportunities to provide hope and a future for her people.

African governments need socio-economic solutions to reduce unemployment, alleviate poverty and to limit dependence on social support .
Our vision is to utilise our expertise, experience and resources to create viable, sustainable and profitable business structures that transfer business skills, knowledge and provide support to those individuals who are unemployed, retrenched or unskilled, those who are prepared to work hard to make a success of their lives.

By providing the means and support through our business models we seek to make a socio economic difference to communities and the lives of individuals in Africa.

“My Soap Shop” offers individuals the opportunity to own a small, but cost effective, manufacturing business with an immediate market , one that is able to start small and grow from strength to strength in time. One that can be operated on a full or part time basis from home. But importantly…one that has been tried and tested. The household products made by our licensees are manufactured by the large corporations using the same raw materials that they will be using…

We can currently provide you with up too 75 popular household products formulas, of which 20 is provided with the training manual and instructions.

5 Great "My Soap Shop" Business Opportunities To Choose From:

Start Up 

Start up Package

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Standard Package

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Soap Machine 

Bar Soap Machine package

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Premium Package

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Supreme Package

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