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We make the machines and provide a “My Soap Shop” business opportunity, this program, you get a mixing machine and training on detergents or bar soap that are used in every house, that you make yourselves we have also simplified the formulations. 

That if you can read, you can make soap. 

The mixing machine you get can make cosmetics herbal medicine and other consumer items and we deliver free in South Africa we don’t make the products South African company Nature’s Lab offers equipment, training and consultation services to detergent-manufacturing start-ups. The comprehensive manufacturing & distribution package comprises a variety of equipment, skills training and support for clients.

Manufacturing equipment and detailed instruction manual

The instruction manual includes SABS approved formulas to manufacture sought-after products in the industry while the manufacturing equipment includes:

1x premium manufacturing machine 220 volt mixing unit with a capacity to manufacture 200 liters/Kg per blending session, approximately every 1½ hour, to make at least 1 500 to 2 000 liters of soap per day.

We deliver free in South Africa