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Derricke Murray

Derricke has the following qualifications: B.Sc. Eng. Mbl. Pr Eng. He previously started his own manufacturing company specializing in pharmaceutical/cosmetics/plant extracts etc. which distributed products to the market. Over 16 years it grew into a successful and profitable company which he then sold to a major Swaziland base company owned by Mr S. M. Banda.
Derricke has extensive experience in organizational development and is an expert in local and international trade His fields of expertise include banking, commerce, negations and business strategic planning. He was the CEO of Market Demand Trading which specializes in international and local business consulting service to companies and private organizations in the Americas, Scandinavia , Asia and Africa. Within the last 10 years he has represented and successfully negotiated contracts worth many millions of dollars for Asian governments. Derricke was the originator of the “My Soap Shop ” business concept.
Being a Chemical Engineer & Industrial Chemist Derrick's strengths lie in manufacturing and development of products including Quality Control and Research and Development . Derricke has an intimate knowledge of the formulations and manufacture processes of the products we have decided to distribute through the formulas of “My Soap Shop ”. He is also involved in developing a range of natural cosmeceuticals and healing products.