Nature's Lab

Unlocking Nature’s Hidden Secrets to Health & Beauty

We offer you the opportunity to own your own business ….one that can be operated on a full or part time basis from your home. But most importantly…one that has been tried and tested in industry and vetted by our chief Industrial Chemist, Derricke Murray.

The household products you will be making are presently manufactured by some of the largest corporations using the same raw materials and formulas … therefore we can confidently say that all OUR FORMULAS WORK as well or better than any competing product out there!

PLUS - We have also simplified the formulations, so that “IF YOU CAN READ , YOU CAN MAKE SOAP”

We supply you with step-by-step recipes that ensure that the preparation of our range of industrial and household detergents is quick and easy to make.

Once you have made your first batch of product you can then sell this to your family, friends, business acquaintances, supermarkets, convenience stores and shops in the area where you stay.

If you use our brand we also guarantee your territory to ensure that our other license holders do not cross over into your territory. However if you develop your own Brand we place no restriction on where you can sell your product.